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Benefits of Step in Bathtubs with Shower

Traditional bathtubs have for the longest time presented the elderly people and those with mobility issues with a nightmare whenever bath time reaches. This is one of the reasons why the step in bathtubs with shower is more than a welcome relief to these people. These bathtubs offer several benefits to this group of individuals and below are some of these benefits.

Convenience and Safety

The step in bathtubs with shower makes it convenient for both the elderly people and those who suffer from back injuries to take a bath normally. This type of bathtubs makes it easier for people to enter the bathtub easily by ensuring that minimum effort is required when stepping in for a bath. These kinds of bathtubs also ensure that people who could be suffering from diseases such as arthritis are able to enjoy their bath time conveniently. They also come with additional safety features like handrails, textured pads as well as seats to ensure safety as the elderly or injured person taking a bath is safe. This greatly ensures that chances of slipping and getting injured are minimized greatly.


Another benefit associated with these kinds of walk in bathtubs are that there are so many varieties available for people to choose from depending on their preferences. There are so many companies that manufacture these type of bathtubs thereby leaving shoppers with a wide range of variety to choose from when buying them. It is therefore possible to get a bathtub that would be fitting to all types of people regardless of their conditions due to the wide variety available.

Increase the value of your home

Step in bathtubs with shower have an added benefit in as far as raising the value of your property is concerned. If you are a property owner based in a retirement community and would wish to push the value of your house or home higher, it is advisable that you have this type of bathtubs installed in your home. This will surely increase the potential of attracting more customers once the property is placed in the market due to the high demand it will create. As most of the customers would be looking for a convenient bathtub for their own convenience when taking bath, a house that presents them with a ready solution will definitely catch the eyes of several interested buyers. This will lead to a bidding war and the highest bidder will get the house in the end. This will work to your advantage in that your property will have its total value rise and it will also not remain in the market for so long.